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Kyle: Welcome everybody. This is going to be so exciting. Kyle Dennis here, and I couldn’t be more excited to launch Dollar Ace for you today. So sit tight. I’m going to make this extremely easy for you because I already know what you want.

The number one concern I hear from traders, is that it’s unbelievably hard to accelerate your growth right when you’re starting out. Maybe you have a $1,000, $2,000, or even $10,000.

Well, when you begin, you want to see that instant gratification, right? You want to see that money pouring into your account, but normally it just doesn’t happen like that, and that’s what I want to change for you here today.

People tell you it’ll take years to become profitable, but that is a complete lie. The problem is, most people don’t know the correct strategy to use, and I don’t want you to spend more than five minutes per day figuring that out. You want something that is easy to apply, allows you to exponentially increase your account, and begin to take bigger positions, and in turn make even more money.

And that’s why I created Dollar Ace. The beauty of this, is that it’s just as advantageous for a trader with $1,000 in an account as it is for $100,000 account, and it can be good in a bull or bear market. So whether the market’s going up or down, we are poised for profits.

I wish I had this when I first started, because in the beginning I was completely lost. Listen, I grew up in L.A., in a middle class family, mom, dad, brother, couple dogs. Upon graduating high school, I decided to go to UCLA and major in biology.

Four years, $80,000 in debts later, I got my degree in biology and that landed me a spot as a real estate analyst making about $35,000 per year. Not what I all expected. It didn’t take me very long to realize this is just not what I wanted. I did consider myself lucky to be employed, but $35,000 in L.A., does not get you very far.

I couldn’t afford an apartment, so I moved back in with my mom and dad, and I remember just sitting at my job one day thinking, I need to take some more responsibility. My parents had done so much for me over the years. I wanted a way to provide for myself financially, and more importantly, be able to give back to them.

I searched high and dry for ways to make extra money. I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted, and what to do, until I overheard another employee at my company talking about the stock market. He answered some basic questions for me, told me some certain newsletters he was following, and I just threw myself into the mix.

From that point forward, I began to save any amount that I could while I studied the market. I skipped events, I didn’t go out on weekends. I was still eating my favorite college meal, Top Ramen. 35 cent meals is what I was living off of.

When I finally got that $15,000 in savings, I jumped right in. I was ready. Well, actually wasn’t ready. I simply tried too much. I over traded, mismanaged my positions, and I managed to lose $7,000, about half my account. Everything about it was just humiliating guys. I almost quit, but I refused to do that. I remember why I wanted to do this, to give myself freedom for myself and to help out my family. Tell me why you want this?

Bills, do you want to go on a vacation, financial freedom? What would a $1,000 or $5,000 do for you? Go ahead, post what an extra $1,000 would do for you.
Personally, I wanted that freedom, so I buckled down, dialed in on a strategy and began to see results. After being down $7,000, I managed to make $44,000 in my first year trading. The next year, I ended up quitting my job and making $838,000.

Since then, it’s just been up and up. I’ve surpassed seven million, and I’m already up over one million this year.

But, I always remembered the initial period where I sucked. I lost half my account because I was trying to just chase things. I didn’t understand how the market really worked. I was basically doing all the wrong things.

Throwing darts and hoping one would stick. Clearly that does not work, and that’s what a lot of new traders and even some experienced ones continue to do. They never see that exponential growth that they can easily attain, because they aren’t trading smart.

Maybe you’re in that position too. Small account and struggling to grow it? Medium sized account, but you’re not having that consistency you need to yield high returns? Those are the issues that I want to solve, and I’ve already been able to help people hit real quick, real quick. Just look at some of the testimonials from members. Vidashara, we call him Vid, was able to turn $4,700 into $80,000 in just a few months.

Vid: Started with Kyle with I guess about, I don’t know, $4,700. I paid for the service within the first couple of weeks, and also gained from $4,700 to $80,000 within about a month too.

Kyle: Adriano, $9,000 when he first started, up to $162,000 in profits already. And Dimitri, had a ton of medical debt, and I helped him erase that all. He was crushing it every single day.

Dimitri: I really wanted was a mentor, someone who can share their experience with me, teach me their strategy, and kind of take me under their wing and help me become the best trader that I can be.

Kyle: Paolo was a similar story to mine, except he lost $40,000. Nearly wiping out everything he had. He bounced back utilizing my service, and now is an extremely profitable trader, traveling the world, enjoying the freedom that it provides.

Paolo: I was in another service before Kyle’s and I was losing money, I was bleeding, bleeding, bleeding. Once I jumped into Kyle’s, I reset everything, and I just took his approach and methodically and my account just started growing. I went from a negative 40 K to break even recently, like maybe six months ago, and ever since then it’s just been adding up.

Kyle: After years of teaching others, I knew there was something that could be done to bring to the table that would even further accelerate everyone’s profitability. Something that could be utilized by small accounts to grow $1,000 to $5,000 to $10,000 to $25,000 in a matter of months. Something medium sized accounts of $25,000 or more, could apply to make an extra $1,000 or $4,000 per week. And something that large accounts, $100,000, or more, could supplement into their trading as another low maintenance cash generator.

See, the beauty of this system is that it’s easy to follow. It requires a little bit of time to implement just minutes per day. It finds those big returns in a one to three day period, so you can grow quickly and it works in no matter what market condition is thrown at us. That’s the big thing here. By using this strategy, you can capitalize even when the market turns South.

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Others flee the scene and don’t know what to do. Well, we’re going to end that. This service allows you to profit in a downmarket just like you would if it was going up. Sounds pretty amazing, right? But now I will introduce you to the revolutionary breakthrough that you’ve been so desperately searching for. It’s called Dollar Ace, the option service that primes your account for monstrous returns week after week after week.

Again, I’m doing this because it’s something I wish I had when I was struggling to grow my account at the beginning, and now I’m bringing that to you in the most streamlined way possible. Before I get into it though, I need to show you how it works.

Let me make this easy for you. Short and sweet, Dollar Ace hunts down sub $1.00 option contracts that are priced in our favor, due to unusual options activity from insiders. It’s all based off this indicator, hiding in plain sight, and I know how to find it. That’s it. That’s all you need to know.

I’m just kidding. I’m going to show you exactly what I’m looking at. This is something I discovered after five years of trading in the market and can’t let you trade another day without it. It’s an indicator that I developed, based on a proprietary scanner to track down these sub $1.00 option contracts. When it comes to anything in business guys, and especially in the stock market, the best thing you can do is follow the smart money.

Wealth follows wealth. Wealth creates wealth. There are a ton of institutions to follow that know when good or bad news is coming before it happens.
Here’s what I mean by that, and I know this might ruffle a few feathers, so sit down, hang tight. Insider trading happens all the time. In fact, it happens every single day, but these institutions and insiders, they know how to hide it well. Well, sometimes they don’t. Some more blatantly obvious than others. Like Alfred Wiggins in the 1920s.

The market crashed, and it was found out that he, the head of the Chase National Bank, shorted his own stock, 40,000 shares and hid those trades in his family corporations, or at least he tried to.

At the time, there were no rules about shorting your own company, but quick adjustments were made after he scooped about $4 million dollars in profits. About five years later, the Wiggins Act was created to prevent anyone from doing this.

Or how about the guys in the 1980s? Dennis Levine, Martin Siegel, Ivan Boesky. If I butcher those names, don’t hold it against me. These guys ran quite the scheme. Levine and Siegel are part of the mergers and acquisitions department of major investment banks. Boesky paid for the information that hadn’t hit the public. He’d learn about these companies that were going to get bought out and taken over, invest, wait until the buyout news hits, stock goes soaring, then he’d sell for a healthy profit.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Pretty crafty idea, but it did leave him with record fines and a prison sentence.

And one most recent name you might know of is Martha Stewart. I think we all know this one, right? She was family and friends with Samuel Waksal, CEO of a well known pharmaceutical company. The FDA rejected it’s well known cancer drug, sent the stock plummeting to the floor, but Stewart already knew the information.

She sold her shares at 50, before the stock went to 10. The point I’m trying to make here, is that this has been happening throughout market history and it continues to happen today. Do you really think these big institutions and insiders get news and tips the same time we do? Of course they don’t, they get them before us. That’s how they make so much money.

There’s a lot of corruption guys in the stock market, and with Dollar Ace, you’re going to learn how one secret indicator, hidden in plain sight, allows you to profit alongside them day after day. That’s trading 101. Trade smarter not harder.

This is how we put the power back in our hands.

This is how we get that insider’s edge we’re all looking for. We’re in the know, without being in the know. Sounds pretty great, right? By following this indicator, I can set up these trades that are going to return 100% or more in one to three days, all by just monitoring my proprietary scanner.

Because like I’ve touched on already, insiders and institutions regularly cheat the market. If insider information, analysts reports, earnings information, before the numbers are released and outcomes even of catalyst events, just like the Martha Stewart one, ahead of time, before it happens.

I know, although it’s illegal, this happens every single day. But they’ve been able to disguise it, and until now, you probably don’t know how to spot it, or you’d just be collecting profits alongside me already, and you wouldn’t even need my help. What they do, is they use the options chain to hide their transactions.

They use smaller amounts of money to generate huge returns. I have the ability to see exactly where the money is going, and can trade off of it to make boatloads of cash. You’re about to have that same opportunity. We will never know who is placing these bets, but we can find the bets they’re making, and profit off them every day.

Even better, it reveals $1.00 option contracts to give you the best opportunity at the highest percentage returns possible. Any account can make serious bank from this strategy. Here’s what you can do by grabbing your piece of this in less than five minutes a day. Let me walk you through some examples, and you’ll see how unbelievable this is.

Seriously, the more I look at it, the more my jaw just drops. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Let’s remember, I don’t really care about what the company or ticker is. I’m not looking for some long term, boring investment. I’m looking to capture huge moves off this insider activity, long and short side, because clearly they know something that we don’t. Until now.

Check out SYMC. My scanner alerted some unusual options activity on SYMC. There are 1,805 September 30, $24 calls bought for 35 cents. Two days later, news of course hits and it hits big. AVGO announces they’re buying a piece of SYMC for about 11 billion, and they’re having a $12 dividend. The options of course skyrocketed as predicted by these insiders ahead of time, to $1.10. That’s a 214% return in two days, that was all revealed beforehand because these institutions piled in on the options market on information they clearly had before.

I didn’t know what this news was going to be, and I didn’t have to. I’ll leave that up to the big institutions when they try to disguise their positions in the options market, we’re just waiting there with my scanner, it goes bonkers, spotlights the contracts with unusual activity, and then all we have to do is, boom, latch on for the ride.

But it gets even better. WEN is another prime example. Alerted by my scanner 4,348 one $19 calls for 20 cents before earnings. I mean that’s a huge bet on news that people didn’t know the outcome of, or did they? Right? Well, a few days later, the company announces great earnings and calls go through the roof to a high of a $1.25. That’s a 525% gain because of the power of the information, and knowing where the big money is going.

It clearly pays to know this stuff guys. AMD, another one. Multiple, huge call purchases made. This one is just absolutely insane. Money poured into the August 16th $30 50 cent calls, 38 cents. What do you know? Few days later, amazing news hits and the earnings sore. They’re partnering up with Google and Twitter.

Guess what the calls traded for?

$5.10. A 1242% gain. You could have captured that move really easily. I mean a tiny $100.00 position, $1,300 for you. $8,000 position. Yeah, you get it by now. That would’ve been about $13,000. All because you were alerted of this unusual options activity, and you were able to be for the first time, on the inside.

Let’s run through a couple more examples here. ACB, a cannabis company, had a crazy call sweep. Somebody buying 1,008 September six, 650 calls for 29 cents all at once. Perked up right on my scanner when it hit. I mean, someone had to know something, right?

ACB few days later, crushed their earnings, expected growth, forecast sales numbers, through the roof, sent the stock up, and of course the options, huge. And those 1,008 calls purchased for 29 cents, well, those jump to 80 cents. A nice 175% return for that insider.

And one more for good measure, just to show you, there’s clearly some corruption going on here, but that we can use my scanner to signal exactly what is happening and alert us. I’ll say this again, I don’t know the news that’s going to hit. I have absolutely no idea. I’m not an insider. I don’t even know who is making these humongous bets, but they’re being made, and that alone tells me everything that I need to know.

These big institutions don’t just throw money blindly at something. They know exactly what they’re doing and then they try to hide it, but through this proprietary scanner, I’m able to locate their bets, hitch on to that prophet train that they’re on.

SQ massive sweeps. 1,500 September 20, 60 dollar puts for 32 cents. They are betting, of course, that the company stock would fall, that it would plummet. Boy, did it fall. Here’s where it gets really, really saucy guys. The company missed earnings by a mile. It was unexpected.

Shares plummeted 80 to 62. Those 32 cent puts, trade for $3.45, a 978% win. Again, a $100.00 would have been $1,000.00. $1,000.00 position would have returned over $10,000. See, no matter what, if stocks rise, fall, we can capture these movements and get rich in the process.

It’s crazy, right? But you know what’s even crazier? All of those examples happened in the last week. Crazy. Now here’s where I’m going to make things really interesting for you, and even easier than you could ever expect. I’m so excited.

So first off, my scanner is pretty advanced. There’s numbers flying everywhere guys, and I take hours each morning to analyze everything, but that’s okay. I’m at my desk sitting there. That’s my job. I do additional research on these contracts that my scanner spits out, to make sure I’ve got complete conviction. Research that you simply don’t want to waste your time with.

Trust me.

And I don’t want you to do any work. What I want to do for you, is locate these contracts and deliver them directly to you. But, but I want to eliminate any error that you have because you need to know exactly what I’m doing. Even if you’ve never, ever traded options before, this is perfect, because I’m going to streamline this for you.

What that means for you is this. It’s very, very simple guys. After I found the trade, I’m going to send you a video. Normally just about a minute long, you’re going to see my screen and watch me take the trade.

So there’s 100% transparency here, and you can see exactly what I’m doing and then take action if you wish. This is the best thing that I can do for you, and offer to you so that you can simply click on an email, read a text, watch a quick video, and then decide to take the trade or not. No second guessing, no room for error, no questions. All the information is going to be right there in front of you.

And you can do this from anywhere in the world. Do you watch videos on your phone? YouTube, Facebook, Instagram? Well picture this. Video being sent directly to you, and you can just turn on your smartphone and turn that into a little ATM in your pocket.

I’m making this as easy as possible. And on top of that, you can watch my accounts streaming live and get access to my portfolio to check in on how any of these positions are doing at any time of the day. So even if you don’t get into the trade right away, it doesn’t matter.

These aren’t penny stocks, they don’t have the movement based on that buying power. You can take your time, watch the video, evaluate, and then proceed as you wish. It’s also going to be the lowest price ever, because you’re becoming a founding member, and I’m going to reward you for that, of course.

What an amazing, amazing service, right? This is going to be tremendous. It’s already blown my mind. It should be blowing yours. To be able to track institutional and insider activity in the options. Look at these big bets they’re making, and then profit on it ourselves, is a breakthrough, guys.

But let me show you here what exactly you’re going to get with Dollar Ace. It’s an absolute incredible value.

Number one, you’re going to get video alerts. That’s right, so any time that I take a trade, what I will do for you, this is something brand new I’m doing. I’m going to record my screen. I’m going to show you the buy, right? That I’m making. Of the call option or the put option so that we can go ahead and make no mistakes together. I’ll show you exactly how to buy it, exactly how to sell it guys, so you will make no mistakes.

I want to show you full transparency here on all these things, and I’ll also explain to you the trade and what I’m looking at. What I saw with the unusual options, the chart, etc., so you know exactly what’s going on. Number two, anytime I see unusual activity, and it happens every single day, I will provide to you some of those names that come out.

The most interesting ones. I don’t want to waste your time. I only want to give you the consolidated names so that you can look at it and go, huh, this looks interesting. This is what Kyle’s watching. Maybe I want to purchase this as well, ahead of time, before I buy.

So that you can take action if you so like. Number three, alerts delivered right to your phone and right to your email. So imagine this, you’re walking along right on the street, you get a text message from me, right to your phone. It’ll tell you exactly what I’m buying, right?

Then simultaneously, you’ll also get an email explaining the trade further, and at the bottom, providing you with that video alert. Further explaining the trade so that you can get that verbal communication so we make no mistakes together.

You’ll also see my portfolio. Things I’m buying, right? We’ll have a portfolio right there for you so you can track the results. And whether you’re new, you’re a beginner, maybe you’re really experienced, maybe you have a big account, maybe you have a small account, it doesn’t matter. I’ve provided an educational suite for you. Educational suite so that you can go ahead in less than 30 minutes, five videos, less than five minutes of video.

So in fact, 25 minutes or less, be able to take you and know exactly what we’re doing. So the terminology, the strategy, so that you can follow along perfectly, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader, take you less than half an hour. Who doesn’t have that?

And last but not least, I have a motto here, a full, full transparency. So not only will you get the portfolio, but you’ll see all my positions, win, lose or draw of the options that I’m playing there. You can see that, and the up and down flow of everything during the market.

So again, there is full transparency. The second I buy something and the second I sell something, all the performance, you’ll see it right there streaming. My portfolio every single day. And all that, I will be doing for the founding members price of $1,499.

Guys, I pay over $4,000 a year just for the scanner to pull out the data to filter this stuff, to look for the unusual options under one. Over $4,000 a year. I’m going to take that. I’m going to do all the work for you, deliver it via videos, deliver it via email, deliver it via text, show you in the portfolio in livestream and portfolio, teach you how to do it in less than half an hour, and provide you the watch list names so you know things ahead of time as well.

All of that, founding members price for $1,499, Now we’ll get right to the point here. This is going to be available for the next five minutes, so we’re going to go ahead and fast forward this here because I need you to take action now. I’ll give you an extra 12 seconds there. Why not? Five minutes. You’ll go ahead and take action and become a founding member of Dollar Ace. We’ve already started up here. Brand new service. We already have two winners, 100% and 50%, just simply following this scanner guys, it is so amazing.

So all you need to do, this is a perfect strategy for someone with a small account or a large account. All you need to do, is just click the link there and join. It’s as simple as that. And as soon as tomorrow morning, I’m going to be going ahead and giving you, delivering you the cherry on top trades, the cherry on top trades, and this, again, I use my expertise to filter all this out for you. But we are following people who usually have insider information.

Now what is interesting, like I mentioned in the presentation, we are trying to be in the know, without being in the know. We are going to be following these guys. We don’t know who they are, right? We don’t know exactly who they are, but we know that they’re betting big, big money.

In fact, on my very first alert with this service, we found this ahead of time, a buyout rumor came out and then what do you know? A couple of hours later this unusual call activity is all over CNBC, and everyone’s mentioning it.

And then boom, we cash out and move on. It is incredible. It is so incredible. This is the perfect service for anybody. Whether you have a little bit of time or a lot of time. This is minimizing everything for you. Focusing, honing in on a strategy that is perfect for any type of account.

I wish I had this when I first started, because I went down the drain. I went negative $8,000 when I first started on my journey to millions. Last year I made 2.4 million. Pretty incredible right? Now, that was from a guy that wasn’t very good at trading when he first started. I wish I had this, because this would’ve gotten me out of that hole so much quicker.

And using my expertise, I’m showing you all the things that make this so important. The video alerts, so no mistakes. The watch list, so you know things ahead of times. The alerts, so that you know exactly what I’m doing, and then you can follow that in my portfolio which has live streaming, and I’m going to get you up to speed in less than 30 minutes with the educational suite.

Does it get any better than that? I mean all for $1,499 which, I already paid $4,000 for just the scanner. This is the best, most incredible deal I could possibly think of. So we have about two minutes and 35 seconds here, gang, I need you to go ahead, click that link and join me in Dollar Ace, because every single day, my scanner is dinging. It is dinging and ringing. It is amazing. You would see how much pops up on my scanner.

Hundreds a day of people making these incredible bets, that is just mind blowing to watch. It is such a spectacle everyday to see this happen. Now I’m taking those, like I said, I’m filtering the ones with the biggest activity, with the most conviction, with the best charts, and the best possibility for them to pop to the upside and delivering them right to you, with a video alert. You should be able to take action on these trades in less than five minutes a day.

See, my goal here is I know, I used to work a full time job. Now I do this full time. I know that your day is taken up by your friends, your family, your work, and if you’re just at home and you’re a professional, this could be something that you can add into your trading, that you could further your it you further your profit potential on. That’s the goal here.

Put more money into your accounts and share something with you, that I discovered that is just incredible. I’ve been doing this for many years. I’ve made millions upon millions trading the market with different strategies. This is the one I’m most excited about. I have the most fun doing it. It’s so great watching this activity here, and you have huge, huge percentage wins. I mean, if you don’t catch this with me, I don’t know what else I can do for you.

This is so exciting. If you feel this excitement, you need to click that button there, put in your information, and join. Because these things are happening, like I said, every single day. Every single day, we’re having these ones that come out with analyst recommendations, buy outs, good earnings, bad earnings, whether the market’s going up or down. There’s always news coming, and these people know.

We have 30 seconds here. So as we’re closing this up here, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you coming out here and watching the presentation. I appreciate you guys for going ahead and listening to all the factors of this service. I really do. I genuinely do. I need you in there, so that we can be friends, family, and profitable teammates for such a long time. And, click that link, I put in something extra, extra special so that we can be together for life, gang.

So as I’m closing this up here, three, two, one. Man, that’s it. We’re going to have so much great profit potential together. So much fun. So many unusual options under one. I am so excited. So go ahead, click that link, get in there, and I will see you tomorrow morning guys. See you there.

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